I Love Wichita.

… and I’m proud to call it my home. I’m strongly committed to serving my community with excellence and integrity, and making it a great place to live, learn, earn, play and pray. I only have one agenda on the City Council— Wichita First!

Becky Tuttle

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Becky Tuttle

Becky is building on her commitment to Wichita by taking her vision to City Hall.


As a city Wichita has known greatness and can get there again with strong leadership.

Economic Momentum

  • ­Keep Taxes Low
  • Cultivate a Healthy and Hospitable Business Environment
  • Encourage Local Entrepreneurship
  • Protect Property Rights
  • Common Sense, Fiscally Responsible Budgets

Quality of Life

  • Provide Thought-Leadership to Address the Homelessness Crisis
  • Invest In and Support Police and First-Responders for Greater Safety
  • Support Private/Non-profit Organizations to Address Mental Health and Reduce Substance Abuse
  • Strengthen Public/Private Partnerships that Benefit Our Community
  • Make Strategic Investments in Community Infrastructure to Support a Thriving Culture

Better Government

  • Demand Full Transparency and High Integrity from Government Leaders
  • Increase Relational Capital Between Elected, Government and Business Leaders
  • Stop Government Overreach


The City Council elections are now held in the fall. Here is some key voting dates and information.

Election Dates

August 1st

Early Voting & Vote Dropoff

Info Coming Soon!


Help make a difference in our city by getting involved in the campaign and the upcoming election.