Becky is building on her commitment to Wichita by taking her vision to City Hall.


As a city Wichita has known greatness and can get there again with strong leadership.


The City Council elections are now held in the fall. Here is some key voting dates and information.


Help make a difference in our city by getting involved in the campaign and the upcoming election.

Becky Tuttle Campaign Announcement Press Release

The Wichita Eagle, January 8, 2019
Becky Tuttle is new Wichita City Council member; will leave YMCA

Splurge Magazine, April, 2019
A Day in the lIfe of Council Member Becky Tuttle

10 Minutes with … Becky Tuttle, Wichita City Council

YMCA press release, June 19, 2018
Becky Tuttle wins National Health Award

Bike Share Launch Event

Election Countdown

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